Hello everyone!

Hello! So I decided that I should make a blog. I’ve used WordPress before on my website, Tronnic.com. It hasn’t been updated in a while so don’t give me grief. The reason I’ve decided I should make a blog is so that I can share my points of view of life or FFXI(fake life) with my LS friends. Pretty much so you can get to know me better, if you wanted to in the first place.

We’ve got a lot of new people in our LS and I guess I should take the time to introduce myself. Ingame I an known as Mischa. My main job would be 75Paladin. I am of Mithra race. I like to stay up till the wee hours of the morning just chatting on Vent. I currently have cooking lvled to 69.9 and working on alchemy and fishing as subs. I also garden a lot for fun and extra cash. If you talk with me ingame, I’m usually pretty nice and respectful, unless you show none. Then there will be clashing.

Another reason I’m starting this blog is because I wanted to let people know that I’m here as a friend and I’m just as real as you are. When I learned that Matt was moving servers I cried a little. I won’t deny it. I’m not ashamed. The first thing I did was sit down and take a deep breath. The way things were going in AI, it seemed no one would care about anything if Matt was MIA. I thought for sure American Idol was over. The song God by John Lennon comes to mind, “…and so dear friends friends you’ll just have to carry on. The dream is over.”

I had to make a decision. I talked to a few of my closer friends briefly and we were all upset together. We decided we would either all move together or all stay together. My first thought was “oh noes!, I can’t leave Diabolos!” then it turned into, “What do I have left here if Matt and my closest friends are gone? Yah I’ll go” then it slowly went back to “I can’t just abandon everyone and everything I ever worked for!!!” I hesitated like this for 2 weeks until I noticed AI take a change for the good, kinda out of nowhere. And then my good friend Monaluv suddenly fell back on the face of Vana’diel from being in Limbo, I had to stay! I couldn’t just leave him.

And tomorrow Matt leaves for good and AI is reborn. We’re changing our name obviously but to what I’m not quite sure.. Hedge likes EventHorizon. Yes like the movie. I like AnarchyIncorporated because it will allow us to not worry about our websites name, ai-ls.com. Orestes liked Oreo or Ass Inkers…. whatever the hell that is….. >_>

Anyways goodnight for now my friends. I will add pictures soon.