So I’m glad we gotten a few things done today. Snoopy and Whiteruby got through the Kam’lanaut fight today and finished their CSs.

I’m glad we got the leaders back in the game and motivated. Seemed like things were dying there for awhile and when the anouncement was made about Matt leaving, bam motivation struck the LS and everyone just wanted to get things done.

Sky farming went extremely well this week. I’m impressed. We got a BB, a Mother Globe, a Faust and a Zipicana. Good job everyone. We had a lot of ppl show support and a lot of first timers come out as well. Thanks for showing appreciation and determination. It reminded me of something I can’t quite put my finger on… Oh yah!! American Idol in its prime.

It was my first time tanking Faust and I was a little intimidated but it turned out to be a a fun experience and I’m up for it again anytime. Faust is a weenee, something Mona would say.

American Idol turned into The Event Horizon today, something I have to get used to. Shouldn’t be a problem though. I guess we have a lot of organizing and reorganizing to do.

Our Einherjar run went as was expected. A lot of deathga and more deathga. We tried a bait and sleep strategy this time. But we need some more blms. I think we had three this run. Better then last weeks 0.  Don’t know if we should be persistent in trying to do these but I don’t wanna just give up. We had a full alliance this time and it seemed as though we still needed more peeps. Except for the whole “its get harder with more ppl” thing, I don’t know. We had a good crowd come out and try to help this time.

Anyways I hope all goes well for today’s DM run. Good luck everyone and may the force be with you. May the force be with us all