Today was Secret Santa gift exchange for the LS. The person i got for the exchange was Keirra. I wanted to get her a nice Arcane Flowerpot,Arcane Flowerpot

Which I would have gotten her, had there been any on the AH and it wasnt over 100k.

So i settled on getting her a Commode,


furniture for her mog house instead. She had mentioned something about rearranging so I thought any furniture would be good.

Tiikaa was my sercet santa and she got me some good gloves for my warrior.


Kainon wasnt in to the whole secret santa thing but Dalamar got him something anyways. i dont remember what it was but i think it was some gloves. We did the whole event at the Whitegate Hostel place. I had only been there once before and it was really nice. This time was even better cause people I actually liked were there. The whole Ls was there except for Duke, Deyos and Dexa.

Someone came to me asking for a suggestion on a present. Their person being a pld, the obvious choice was getting them some Cursed Cuisses. and telling them we’re doing a Kirin very soon. The +1 would be sweet but since it was just a xmas event, the regualr ones would do.

Turns out two ppl took my advice. Eldamar and Dexa are up for some Speedy Pants next.

Wow how dumb of me. I did get some more snapshots, but I dont remeber where I put them. Ill add them in later. For some reason my email isnt working to well.