So Wednesday night we finally made it to do U/O

.Omega looking hellacious

Azreal was supposed to come tank for us but “things came up” and who am I to stop him from getting laid. You know? So I panicked a little cause I didn’t know who else to get and I didn’t want to postpone this fight any longer. Shin and Jezi were looking up to me and I really wanted this over with. We had 6 polymer pumps, lots of meds and yag drinks… I had three icarus wings. 2 reraise earrings… We were loaded to say the least.

There was only two other nins on our LS that had done the fight before.One was Eldamar, who was currently helping the hedgemaster with some b01 action on his blm. And the other was Dukeofdongery, who wasn’t the original Duke and who really had never done the fight before. We decided to do a few dry runs, not using any meds or pumps. We got to Omega on the first dry run. Duke had died on the mammets that run. Which wasn’t to bad since we planned to wipe at least once. we left the area and decided to try another dry run.

The U/O Gang Bangers

On our second attempt, the mammets were extremely easy and we got to Omega very fast. Duke was doing a great job for never having actually done this fight before. So were the rest of us. Oreo and Keirra were the only ones who had actually done it before. And as soon as we felt we had a chance, we starting popping meds. We got Omega down to1% health before we finally wiped, but we reraised and recovered.. and beat it down to a pile of scrap metal.
Duke tanking Ultima

We made it to Ultima with like 15 minutes left to play. We ended up using 3 of the pumps we had. Jezi Hundred Fisted at like 50%. I mighty Strikes at around 15%?, I wanna say… and Jezi paid the price…lol

The Aftermath

Anyways. i’m pretty beat. NExt to come Pictures from Sea!!!