So tonight not being sure what the LS was going to do, I sent az a text saying that we might do GoDS. Az had god pop items on him so him being the good LS leader, entrusted me with his character info so I could get the pop items off him if we did do GODS that nights since he couldnt be on. Oh little oh me, not having forgotten the time I was in fact in this same dilemna, (remember naked Mischa in Ulli room!!! @_@) took this opportunity to have a little fun… if you will…lol

Azreal lvl 1??

This is Azreal. A lvl 1 smn/brd. Odd job choice but hey, I try not to judge people..

Incredibly Tough

(Whats this an incredibly tough Forest Hare??? Nonsense. I am Azreal!

So Let me summon my Air Spirit and call forth wind upon this feeble beast!!!


I is dead… oh the agony.. the pain…..Oh well guess I’ll homepoint….)

No Money!?!??!

So I after I killed Azzy, I dboxed all his money.. that ought to leave him thinking for awhile… A little tricked I learned from Hedge and Horton. lol I hated being in sandy, just wanted to scoot on out of there… But i wasnt done with Az yet. There was still the matter of getting the stones off him… and well to do that.. I had to be in sky when Az was in sky…so…

Sky Warp, what a convenience!!

Use the device? Um DUH!

no warp

Until Next time. Az You really should remember to bring warps and oils with you to sky…