What the ???? happened to Pikko? The world may never know…Anywho, I only followed her guides…never. I just read them sometimes but damn the way she talked confused the hell out of me. I understood most of it but it was annoying as hell to read through all the tarutaru talk.

Yah but I just wanted to show people the way I make most of my money.. And thats through Gardening. I used to garden on 4 different mules, one to grow carrots for chocobos, another doing cuttings, one doing just ores and another mule or on my main doing regular seeds. (i.e. Herb seeds, vegetable seeds, grain seeds) I know most recipes by heart so its pretty easy.

Here is an example of one my mules pots.

Scully’s Pots

I have tried and tested many different pots and days for ores. Currently I can make Earth Ore and Fire Ore really well. But I prefer Earth Ore.


There are so many theories out there about gardening, its not so easy a thing to dive into. To start gardening, it takes an investment. But if you’re not one of those people who can wait three weeks for some gil, then don’t even get into it. If you’re going to be a gardener, you pretty much have to commit yourself to your plants and work around their schedule… That is of course if you want to be making big dough… I have only recently started testing the Arcane Pots. Spent a lot of time growing Fire ores in Brass pots/Porcelain Pots in Bastok and decided I should take the money I got from those ores and put it into getting a new Pot. I am so glad SE made it to where the Arcane Flowerpot was not rare anymore. It allows gardeners to hold more then one arcane pot and helps me study the harvest each time I get it.

Recently I went off FFXI for a few days and I decided to let a friend (cough cough Orestes) take care of my plants. I hadn’t remembered one of my mules plants was about to be ready for Harvest. It was in an arcane pot I had just bought and had been in there for about 3 weeks growing. It was one of my testers. Oreo asked me if it was ok to harvest her pots, and after explaining to him how, when and where, I gave him the OK! I also reminded him to make sure he had enough slots open in my safe to harvest just in case it was more then one thing. I said this knowing that if my pot was going to give me anything it would either be a successful harvest meaning 1-2 ores or a failure which would be 7-19 Kitrons… or the damn rock salts…

I had happily nourished that plant and petted it and caressed it (Guilt trip Oreo) to grow for me… Well then I got a dreaded text message from Orestes that night saying that he had tried to harvest it but the moogle wouldnt let him. My heart panged… I knew there hadn’t been sufficient slots open for what ever the moogle was trying to give him. One might say, well just make space and you can harvest again… The thing is, and I have myself tested and tried it and other gardeners have tested and tried it, the more one clicks to harvest a plant without having spaces, the weaker the harvest becomes…It was a sad thought, because I didn’t know how many times he had tried to harvest it but to no avail and I sent him a text asking him to make sure there was enough slots again… I guess Oreo had a blonde moment and made slots in the inventory but didn’t make space in the Mog Safe. My mule was 49/50. I am almost 100%positive that that plant would have given me 2 Earth Ores had it been harvested with enough space and slots available.

How do I know that you ask? Because I have been gardening for about 1yr and a half and have always kept record of each plant that I grow and harvest. This past August, I decided to stop my long scribbly note taking and just move on with the experience I have obtained.

I know that by clicking to harvest a pot with insufficient slots, the harvest is weaker. But in this case, when I finally did come back and harvest my plant, I recieved about 9 kitrons, thus proving that the plant had been checked to harvest about I want to say 2-4 times. This is an estimate. I haven’t even asked Orestes yet. With the Arcane Flowerpot I was sure to get a double harvest of either ore or kitrons.

Taking this into account.

Had it been harvested it on the first try= 2 earth ore

Had it been harvested on the 2nd try=1 earth ore/19 kitrons

Had it been harvested it on the 3rd/4th try= 7-12 kitrons

Had it been harvested further along= under 6 kitrons/1-3Lightning Clusters

Np. I lost about 220k. No big deal. I’ll just try again in the next 3 weeks. Here is another picture of Mischa with some of her pots…

Mischa’s Pots

LoL. See how I am taking notes there… J/K

Anyways good night. Its 6:30 am and I can’t sleep. @_@