So anyways a couple weeks ago I was looking at my VIT on my PLD, which I think is really low. Sub /war it is 67. And it depends what I’m wearing for the pluses. Can be anywhere from +24 to +34 I think. OR +40 If I’m eating Tavnazian Tacos.

Now I read somewhere that as long as your VIT = 100 all together it was ok, and you were in the green. However I notice that because lack of my VIT, the dmg being dealt to me get scattered. In Dynamis, which is crazy and the mobs hit hella harder, I was getting hit anywhere from 30s to 150 and Crits in the 200+ range. The 30s might have been shield blocks, I didnt notice, things were a bit chaotic. But I did however notice something that seemed rather peculiar having to do with my VIT.

I /nin when doing most endgame things and I seen this…(not the range weapon)

nin vit

And I then checked my /war and noticed this… Dont be fooled by Defense though. in top pic I had Protect IV up and bottom pic I didnt…


But do notice the Vit difference… With the exact same gear on but with different subs I get +2 more vit subbing nin, then with war subbed, thus resulting in one whole DEF. Yah its just one DEF but anyone know why? I thought /war automatically gave you a defense bonus. And aren’t nins squishy?

Anyways in other news…Nvm I took a screen shot of me ranking up in campaign but I guess I didnt save it… I blame the time… I’m tired. Good night.