So today after the bazillion hours it took to download the version update, I wanted to go get some new items and do some new quests in the past.

Feya, Orestes, and I wandered into Beaudeaux_S, apparently a Beastmen Stronghold that was just added in the new update. The map layout was entirely the same as in the present with the exception of one Corroded Gate, which doesn’t let you through to get the area which leads to the Qulum Dome and the Ruby Quadavs from the present. Such and Such..etc.

At the entrance, there is C.A. NPC which lets you recieve Allied Tags to do campaigns in there.

The Quadavs in the zone all ranged from Tough to IT and even the Quadav Campaign leaders were there with their swords on their heads . They were surrounded by regular quadav and by quadav that fight in campaign with names such as Elite Guard or whatever. There were Edible slugs mobs which are exactly like Lou Caroth, somekind of Imp, true sight and all and even some kind of pudding. These are all aggressive mobs and all in close vicinity.

Being as how it was a beastmen stronghold there were fortifications that we can attack, but by doing so you’re risking dropping sneak and dying to a regualr quadav thats just in the area.

Anyways, with the new update came new dance motions. They’re kinda funny but get old fast. lol seriously.

Dancing on a dead DRG who couldn’t solo a tough

lol this drg was, I guess trying out his new wyvern abilities and got pwned by a tough mob in this new area. Poor Dude, I tried to come in with the rescue but he couldn’t be saved. ; ;

Anyways, I leave you with this…