So last week on Thursday I joined a new linkshell. There were a couple of things I couldn’t put up with anymore in the old linkshell and although I thought it wasn’t fair for me to give up a year and a half of work I put into it, the best thing for me to do was to start over.

So I joined DarkStatic.

Anyways, the first few days I’ve been in the shell have brought back my love for the game, where before I was tired of playing and frustrated with petty things, now I actually want to get on and see what new things we’re doing.

Thursday started off with Proto-Omega. We got hands and feet which was pretty cool. My ls had me come warrior, which I was totally ok with. I never get to go warrior to many endgame events so it was pretty refreshing. Right after Apollyon, we headed up to sky to pop a Kirin. Contrary to what some people may think I did not use MY Kirin pop set. They had their own. Apparently Dark Static is done with sky gods and only go up there when someone in the LS buys a pop set and the items that drop off it are the person’s who supplied it. I came up to sky as PLD/NIN and kited Kirin at start with the help of a RDM, a WHM, and another PLD. This part was easy because I’ve done it tons of times and its always as boring as ever.

They use the kite with one pt and have one alliance kill the babies Kirin pops strategy. When all 4 gods have popped, its time to join up kiting pt with the rest of the alliance and fight Kirin. DS straight tanks Kirin, something I’ve never done before but was estatic to try! Odion said, “Yes Mischa are you gonna tank our Kirin for us?” to which I replied, “I’ve never done it before but ok!”

“It’s pretty exhilarating!!” he replied. And then he walked me through the steps to take once I was face to face with Kirin.

The tank pt was setup in the following manner; PLD/NIN, PLD/NIN, WHM/BLM(SMN?), RDM/WHM, BRD/WHM, BRD/WHM. Double March, Double Ballad and a switch for an earth song. I was always hasted. Tanking Kirin was hella fun!

Drops were K-Pole, K-Osode, and some money drops but that didn’t matter to me, I was just happy I had done it and not died. lol

DS has a free day for Fridays, so when Saturday came, the ls wanted to do KS99s.


I went PLD/NIN and tanked about 5 Wyrms alongside Odi and Nakiri, both these plds are Aegis PLDs. It was kinda hard to pull hate off Odi, a bit easier to dual tank with Nakiri.

A picture of Odion.


Sunday we did a Dynamis-Xarcarbard, another thing I had never done. Pretty much forget everything you ever learned in any other regular Dynamis. Xarcarbard is just a series of NMs that have to be defeated in order for Ying and Yang, two dragons to spawn.


For the dynamis lord, they asked me to go back and change to warrior so that we can zerg it. Most everyone got d2ed then we all came back and made the walk back up to kill the DL. Fun!

Tuesday was Einherjar. DS are teamed up with Ethereal and together are on Wing 3 of Einherjar, but on Tuesday they wanted to do a wing 1. We did Grimherde’s Chamber. DS and Ethereal go in with 36 people. There was a rumor floating around that, the more people you take, the harder the chambers become. I don’t personally believe this because this Einherjar run was especially easy. Of course we did go in with a blm heavy and brd heavy and melee heavy… >_>;; Actually we went with heavy artillery. Now I’ve done Einherjar before back in November and December. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t pretty.


That was then. With DS, they actually have a strategy and it works!

We had the same boss mob that as before,


It was hard to hold any sort of hate, as Himinrjot does random hate attacks.

Here he is on me, pushing me back. We fought it against the wall beacuse of this knock back move.


Here is a shot of him dead and fading away. Before he died though, one of those random mobs popped and was killed by a blm nuking it. I do not remember which mob it was but I can tellyou which mob it was not. It was not Huginn and it was not Heithrun.


After we killed the boss, we went after the other mobs.


My job was to hold hate of these mobs while the rest of the people killed the others.



No abjuration drops, 2 buffalo meat and a buffalo hide.

As new strategies unfold, I’ll be sure to keep track of them here.