The other day I was stoked cause my brother got Civ4 Beyond the Sword, the expansion pack.

I wanted to play it so bad because it had new world leaders and new scenarios. A lot of it was things that Civ has never done before. Like the Afterlife scenario, where you play zombies and stuff…

I was checking it out and while i was playing a regular “Play Game!”, I noticed, the new “Random Events” that they added with this new expansion. Random events are exactly that; Events such as Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, to something like a wedding between two nobles that united(or sparked anger) between two nations. They can be good or bad or they can be completely pointless.

Anways, this post is about random(good or pointless) events that took place in the past few weeks.

For the past month and a half, since I’ve joined Dark Static, we’ve been farming the hell out of Dynamis-Xarcabard. To an extent thats great, everyone gets new gear, and ppl stay happy about said gear they got. On the downside, Dynamis-Xarcabard is boring now and gets repetitive and the mobs hit hella hard. lmao.

Anyways, the main things we needed were Assassins Armlet’s and some damn Valor, for me and another PLD in my shell. We got a lot of things, nobody needs, like BST, DRG, SMN(like 4 freaking times, you serious?)2 WAR bodies dropped in one run(I was outlotted, lol)BLM(hats galore), lots of MNK, SAM and some other stuff… but we were always shysted on THF and PLD… It got to the point that I was already not even expecting it anymore. It was like, “oh F U, Marquis Sabnak! You F-ing Suck donkey balls.” The NM never dropped it. And I dont think he ever will…

But today after fighting the NM and losing hope, we moved on past the ‘wall of death’ and killed a few monks and warriors and lo and behold… You find a Valor Surcoat on the Kindred etc….

My new Body!

I want to apologize, my graphics aren’;t completely up to par to what I want them to be, but that can be expected when I still play on PS2 and cant take screenshots playing dynamis on my PC. Anyways thats me in Valor body. I finally got it!

DS has been good to me the short time I’ve been in the shell. Everyone is real nice and I’ve got to help out in the most ways I could. One late sleepless night, I decided I wanted to lvl my thf a bit, considering I am broke and {I want to make money!}.

I fought lizards until Leaping Lizzy spawned twice, no drop. D’oh. After lvling thf a bit, someone in my LS pointed out that Cerberus was up,…. unclaimed.

Odion says to Roll Out! since only a few members of our shell was on at those hours, (3-4am-ish?), we teamed up with Ethereal to get the job done.

Oh I want to point this out, when we showed up to kill Cerb, PSN leader, Caudle says, “You guys only get one shot. Then we’re moving in…”

I lol’ed.

I don’t have very great screens of Cerb. All I got are Cerb ass pics.

Tanking it from the back was interesting, Scorching Lash GTFO.

We got ‘Gates of Hades’ on us only about 3 times. Our stunners didnt catch it in time… But over all I think everyone did a very good job, considering the time of night or morning it was, and the amount of lag from PSN members standing around talking shit… Lol the pictures look empty in my screen, thats how much lag we had. Oh and Lawlogl dropped and Raw outlotted Alris of Ethereal. Grats Raw!

Anyways, moving along, heres a screen I took of Odion’s Aegis. That face is kinda creepy.

My first “official” Salvage run. Naked Warrior Mischa FTW

Heres a funy picture I found, Marihoki and Mutsumi, 2 of the triplets in our LS.

Girls, you’re starting to freak me out….

And last but not least, who could forget our baby little Taru