To this point I have all wins from Einherjar Wing 1, which includes,

Rossweisse’s Chamber, Grimgerde’s Chamber, and Siegrune’s Chamber and 2000 amphoules of Therion Ichor.

Its been easy so far getting the Wing 1 wins because the LS I do it with have done them successfully for months now. I have never even made it to a Wing 2 run as of yet. Most of the LS is on Wing 3 of Einherjar but I’m not sure how many wins they have…

They were so close to Odin, i know this much. Getting to Odin currently requires all 9 wins from the three wings.

But with the new update announcement today, this will change. Click Here for details.

I’m not sure how much of a good thing this is yet or if I even like the idea. Yah sure it will make it easier for people who haven’t busted their asses for months on the lessers tiers to get to Odin, but what about those who have? And those who have worked hard to get newer players into Odin. In a way its unfair…

That being said. Hell ya!

Entry into Valgrind
At present, entry into Valgrind, the most remote chamber in the Hazhalm Testing Grounds, requires that all participants have cleared all chambers in Wings I, II, and III, and have the appropriate key item in their possession.
This requirement of clearing all nine wings will now apply only to the player making the reservation for Odin’s Chamber. All other participating members now need only have cleared one chamber from each wing, and thus be in possession of a total of at least three valkyrie feathers.
Entry into Valgrind will still result in the loss of any and all related key items in all player inventories.

Only one person needs all 9 wins. I think this pretty much sums up the awesomeness of it all.
So this means, I need 1 win from wing 2 and 1 win from wing 3 to be able to access Odin’s Chamber.
So this means, I’m going to have a lot more updates on Einherjar coming up very soon! And perhaps Odin in the next month or so!