So i wanted to craft a little yesterday…
Recently been excited about it. I don’t know why. I haven’t crafted in months so I feel like I’m way behind.
Anyways, I started crafting sushi.. Started with bream and yesterday started doing Tuna.
Oreo and I fished up the tuna, so I just needed the other ingredients.
Yes I’m skilling up on Sushi… So.
skill up
Then I hit 73! Yay!. 73.4 to be exact.
Tryin to get to 77 by the end of the week, and yes on sushi. Will move on to shallops tropicale after that which caps at 80? i think, then I’ll “maybe” attempt Sole Sushi, since its selling for 30k+ atm. I could be able to make a profit if I catch my own fish.