Tuesday Einherjar was canceled because Ethereal was hanging out in the Aery waiting on Fafnir to pop.
So we headed out there to see if we could claim and do something cause we were bored.
15 minutes after we got there, Fanir popped and Absynth claimed it.
Everything was going great until one of their “co-leaders” aga-ed Fafnir and this was the result…
They got the darters under control, until someone diaga-ed them.. Uh-Oh!
Then the unthinkable (cough) happened.

Anyways sorry my pictures are so small, i obviously suck at resizing. But I do have the originals.

After Absynth wiped to Fafnir, Oxygen got claim and killed in 3 seconds.

We moved on to sea gods and did 2 Jailer of Justices.

Tanking Justice


Tanking Odi

Heres a pic of me smashing Kahne. lol


Grats to ppl who got stuff!

I thought I should add this cause its just funny as hell. Well at least to me.

Fight Club

Thats it for today.