Saturday we did random Jailers, Prudence (which is a bitch) Justice and Faith(which is a bitch to get to). Anyways, I dont have screens yet, but I guess I can post them later.

I really wanted to do Kirin. I had two pops sets on me. One for me and one for Orestes. Both of us want Osodes… I just need to buy and East and a Springstone and then we can do a Sieryu while we’re up there. That head has eluded me to long! Whats it been now? A year and a half?? Mother of all that is good and holy…

Oh Einherjar was canceled yet again.. do to Ethereal’s side..

And I’m 7k to 75 for my RDM! woot!

Anyways tonight is either Faf/NId for 3 hours or Dynamis for 3 hours. :/