OK so I’ve been in Dark Static for about 1 month and half now. Everything has been going well with most of the people. The same day I joined, another guy joined. Let’s just call him Manny.

Well the same week that I joined, Manny decides he wants to start talking to me, which at first I took as an alright thing since I didnt have any friends in DS yet. There was this one incident where I was lvling up my BLM for my rdm sub and I was tryin to solo. Manny asked me if I needed a PL to which I responded, “No thanks. I’m alright out here. I’m trying to get this right.”

What did Manny? He came out anyway… Anyways he was like well get on vent and I have to tell you something. So I did. He wanted to go into aanother channel that wasn’t the main one. And I told him w/e since he said no one else was on vent. Apparently Gino was on vent and he starting sending me tells saying that I need to watch myself around Manny because he had stalked some girl before and gino was worried he’d do it again. I told Gino to come into the channel I was in because I didnt want to be alone with him. So he did and gino and I continued to talk about Manny in tells.

Eventually Manny decided to kill all the mobs I was soloing and instead of Goblin Pathfinders, Furriers respawned and I couldn’t exp anymore since there was no more pets. I said I was going to sleep.

Gino sent me a tell saying, “if he messes with u in anyway, please let me know. I dont think he will last very long in this shell if he starts talkin to all the girls” I told him I would.

2 weeks later, gino’s account gets hacked… -.-

But Manny did not stop talking to me. It started innocently enough, right. He wanted to PL me. It turned into something a little weird, then a little disgusting then to something just outright wrong and uncalled for.

over the month and half that I was there, he would send me random tells saying he wanted to “lick me” or take me “back to his mog house”, he’d send me tells saying, “*tackles u on his bed and starts kissing your neck.”

There was really no one to tell. Thats what I felt like. Manny was friends with the leaders girlfriend and that was how he got in the shell in the first place. So I felt like I couldnt tell the leader cause I didnt want to get on his girlfriends bad side…Anyways

When he first started these tells, I would tell in the nicest way possible that I didn’t like it. When he continued, I told him I was married and my husband wouldn’t like it. He told me, “Well we could keep it a secret from your husband…”


Eventually I started to ignore him but I didn’t Blist him because he was still in my shell and he was still apart of all the events I did. Now he didnt do it everyday but he did it enough to where I avoided him most of the time. soon he realized I ignored him, and he would spam /check on me to where literally the whole page would be filled with

Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.
Manny examines you.

All the way down…

So I started sayin Manny please stop in LSchat. That didnt help because he would just do it more…

Thinking back at it, I dont know why i was so nice to him… Why did I think I had to talk to him.

Stupid me a couple of days ago, decided I wanted to fight Fire with Fire….

When he started to spam /check me, I blurted out in LSchat, “No Manny I will not cyber with you so stop asking!”

I thought that would just shut him the hell up finally since ppl in the ls would soon know.. Boy was I wrong!

Not only was he spaming me with /checks, he was now sending me the cybering tells again.

He even went as far as to say, ” if u think i’m scary and want me to stop, just say it.” I said,” I dont think u’re scary but I have told u to stop!”

We were in sea on our way to Faith ??? and aggroed a mob, so I said “sleep it” to no one in particular. Manny replies, ” I’ll sleep it if you sleep with me..”

I did not respond.

And I ignored him the rest of the night. I was too nice to him.. Any other girl would have just said “Fuck off”, somehow that was just to mean for me… Why? I dont know….

That was Saturday.

Sunday came around and it was time for Dynamis-Xarcarbard…

Manny spammed checked me. So I said, “Seriously stop.” in tell. He did “:( ” to me.

Ana asked me on vent, if he was still doing “it” to which I said, “yes hes been doing it!”

Ana then threatened Manny on Lschat that if he didnt stop doing what he was doing, he was going to break his pearl. IN the middle of Dynamis, Manny drops pt and warps out.

I’m sitting there thinking…. WTF?

Everything explodes. Moon sends me a tell right away saying calling me a liar and that Manny was a friend of hers and I need to stop lying about everything. I’m like, “I know hes your friend. Sorry I offended you.”

She says, “Fuck off! and if you want to complain about me in lschat to try to get me booted, do it and see what happens…”

I just stopped talking to her and ignored her…

It really bothered me that she said to me. The rest of the night, she would not refresh me, or cure me or do anything that meant doing her job towards me. I felt tiny. What I had been tryin to avoid in the beginning backfired and blew up on my face… Now she hates me with a passion. And girls hold grudges. I would know.

Later Manny sends me a tell saying,” Dont get all fuzzy, i dropped the pearl. I didnt get kicked..”  I’m like “I dont know why Ana threatened u. I didnt ask him to.” He was like “yah w/e”… Why am I still talking to him??

The worst part of this, is that I dont have any proof of it… I play on ps2 and very rarely on pc. I only play on pc when I know I wanna take screenshots of events so I can post them. Most of the times I just ask friends I’m with to take screens for me. And its not like I was looking to get manny booted so I wasnt screenshotting our conversations, if they can be called that… because 1) I couldnt when I was on Ps2 and 2) the couple of times I didn play on PC, Manny wasnt spamming me with weird tells….

So I have no idea whats going to happen… Odi hates drama… and even though I wasnt the one in the complete wrong, I feel so guilty because it involves me.

This is the kinda thing that makes me want to quit the game. And I shouldnt feel like that. I spent all night yesterday hating myself for this… I dont want to be the cause of someone to leave the LS. And then have another person call me a liar. I hate it when ppl dont like me… I dont know why. I know I cant please everyone but I’d rather just be in a gray area then in complete darkness with them.

The only person I completely cut off and was rude to in the end, was Marrick. There was no good in that relationship. And I made myself cut him off. To this day, I dont know if that was right or wrong… Couldnt we still be friends even though he was asshole? What the hell am I saying.. ? No he is an asshole, get away from him..

Anyways now I’m just rambling about things. Update is going on…

OK I’m done venting.