Anyways, this weekend was very eventful..

Actually it was just jammed packed with cutscenes. I’m totally diggin the storyline of wings of the goddess so far… Of course I like all the storylines of the new missions when they first come out, then they kinda just turn into cs after cs and smashing the x button over and over…

Anywho, Lilisette reminds me a lot of Prishe…except Prishe was spunkier. lol

Apparently she is from our time, or the present and she already knows what is to come.

The final BC they have is kind of a joke.

Cookie and I duoed it. It wasn’t to bad. I prolly could have soloed it on rdm/nin although paralyze is not a joke…

Another person tryin to solo this mob was unsucessful..

Although I must admit, oreo and I didnt win on the first try. lol I went in rdm/blm and oreo went as sam/nin. Well paralyze pretty much killed him lol. Cookie got paralyzed from the start and it was pretty much over from then.

Anyways after the fight, some things happen…

then more things happen…

Then we see… Zeid?

Then we see Caitsith.

Then a bunch of cats fly around and everything gets real trippy….

For lots more pics on the new storyline, go here.

Anyways, after we finished the missions, we went on to challenge our npcs for their 65 cap. Zoldof didn’t pose much of a threat to me. I wanted to go in there and spank him and show him whos boss…

lol. Shortly after I beat him I went to go lvl him up in Castle O and I saw this…

Damn Zoldof you sure have grown…. You even outparse me…. Thats kinda sad.

I also seen this while I was out there…. SE fix his please!!

Goodnight. I’ll bring you screens from Einherjar next time.