This past week my LS got a little bored and decided to do a few sky pop sets that some of the members had lying around. Now my LS stopped doing sky at the beginning of the year but there is always the occasional person that buys their own sky sets and asks the ls to do em for them. In this case Kikha wanted to get kitty pants and some seiryu’s kote. So we set off to do a byakkox2 and a Seiryux2.

With my spirits higher then a kite, I anticipated doing sky gods since I had not done them in coming on 3 months. I was eager to take what I have learned and put it in effect. In Byakko’s case, I’m still learning….

Byakko was a bitch. triple attacked twice, paw paw paw… paw paw paw CRIT! Mischa was defeated by Byakko. Well most of my friends who I have not seen for awhile will remember me there always. Flat!

Seiryu was pretty weak.

After kiks and inuy both TA’ed on me, I pretty much tanked the whole time through.

And guess what……..!

(orestes took that for me)

So I went to sandy soon after and I was melting from joy. The year and a half curse is broke!

Now I know this isnt the ultimatest piece ever for Paladin. There is plenty of gear out there that is much harder to obtain, thus rarer.

That being said, I almost wet my pants… We did Seiryu x2 and guess what? 2 F—ing Heads dropped!

This piece has a history… and most possibly a curse that was carried with it for a long time… And now it is broken and I finally have it…

Yay for shield skill!

Well that was my Thursday evening. It was well spent if you ask me. Now if only I could get these Kirins rolling…

Moving along…

Later that evening, I finally lvled my DRK to 37 (lol just needed 1 lvl) for my RedMage sub. And I couldnt be happier about getting rid of all that crap I had been holding onto forever. Always procrastinated on lvling that job. Look at this! I suck. or maybe just DRKS. miss miss miss

Over the weekend my internet was down so that both blew and sucked!

Today, Monday we did a Proto-Omega. It was good fun!

Ana says, “Mischa your gloves are so ugly. They make me wanna punch a puppy in the face.”

I laugh and say, “Yah they are kinda ugly but I like the little hearts they have on the side..”

Little did I know… I was next on waiting list for homam hands and I got them!

lol a better haste setup here I come!

And Tarutaru Rice is selling for 6k a stack.. WTF!

I better start farming those grain seeds! PRONTO!