So I have been kinda watching my former ls and its drama from afar for awhile. I still have some friends in that shell and it worries me that they dont get the things they deserve in that shell.

Especially my friend Fey. Hes been in that shell for months and he has never gotten his Byakko’s Haidate that he solely deserves. I mean seriously, his only job for awhile was nin and he does tank all their gods…

Why dont they want to pimp him out? Oh because newer NINs, someone who will never successfully tank anything for anybody wants them… for what reason? He doesn’t even know. Just cause everyone else wants them. Because kitty pants are highly covetted and he HAS to have them.

Anyways, recently two of the core members of the ls stepped down.

(lol I blocked out some names but missed others. so w/e)

Lack of motivation? No one cared anymore. One day the leader decided that he didnt need certain leaders anymore, so he removed 5 LS leaders without consulting them, including me.

I left the next day. Events dont even happen in that shell anymore. WHy? because no one but the leader has access to the ls bank… But apparently…or rather misteriously the bank is gone broke….

SO I can understand why most ppl are jetting. A total of 23 ppl have left that shell since February.

Yes I have kept count. Heres what the opposing side has to say.

Then there are ppl who just dont give a damn.. WTF???

Then there are the people who are just blind… Seriously…BLIND

Throw everything away? this person is saying that by leaving this shell you’re going to be throwing away your points, gear and hardwork and all that stuff…Yah good riddance!

Seriously, just two months after I left EH, i got homam gear, head that I wanted for 1 year and almost everything else I wanted on my PLD. So screw the hardwork that was put into that shell. I’m proof that you dont have to be in a broke ass shell to get stuff. Thats a brainwashing lie that they are trying to instill into your head. Others who have left the shell are also reaping the benefits of being gone, including the two that were posting on these threads.

After the original lead left, that shell was broke. There is life after Event Horizon. You just have to find it.


I’m excited about Matt’s new shell coming up. I just hope he realizes who not to get in lead…

Because American Idol was a great shell to be commited too. Event Horizon is just a big ass joke.

There I said it!