So I’ve reading tons of forums about the mog bonanza results. Everyone seems to be upset at how the numbers were chosen, some even going as far as to say that the results were rigged.

While I was reading a BG thread about winners of Mog Bonanza, I came across this link on Alla. I dont like Alla too much because of the obvious reasons and a lot of comments on there hold no merit but anyways I still thought the thread was interesting.

They are claiming that because of “PS2 limitations”, moogle randomly generated numbers would have to follow a EOEOE pattern or Even Odd Even Odd Even. This would mean that anyone who randomized all their numbers on ps2 would not win a prize greater then rank 5.

It concerned me because about 30 of my marbles were randomly generated through the moogles … and I play on ps2.

Some of the numbers I didn’t have randomized were based on the LOST numbers >_>; but thats a different story completely.

Anyways, after reading this rumor on BG and Alla, I had to look for myself to see if these concerns held any merit whatsoever.

I believe this rumor to be entirely false because although a lot of my mules had EOEOE patterns on them I noticed a lot clearly “random” numbers which inlcuded odd numbers next to odd numbers and even next to even… So I dont see how PS2, although it has limitations, affected the Mog Bonanza. I can breathe easy.

That being said, I still believe that PS2 should be killed off from FFXI. You can do a lot more on a PC then you could on a PS2 and the game could advance far more if the ps2 users would upgrade. But SE cant just cut them off, so FFXI itself can only go so far…

Anyways, I’ll leave that for another day. But check your marbles if you had them randomized, especially if you play on PS2. I will post screens of the marbles I’m talking about and why I believe this rumor to be entirely false.