Read it for yourself.

No seriously he did. I thought Pyra would be all over this by now.

Althought I dont see how much it matters. Decuiont and his ls dont camp HNMs because if he did I dont see Deuciont wearing any notable gear. And the one time they get Faf, they wiped.

I can’t say I am surprised. Botters dont surprise me anymore. I am a little confused as to why he would. Dont give me none of this,” I need help with maps!” like Eddard did last year…

I’m assuming its for another thing. The fishing in the background? Lol And those people on BG are non forgiving. And they dont know you. So they dont care if you have ffxiap open and dont camp HNMs. Its just funny as hell to see someone out themselves though.

As for Devotion Ls. I have no bone to pick with them. I have close friends in that ls and it was actually one of the lses I was thinking about joining myself before I left EH.

Anyways, I’m posting something else later.