Out of everything in FFXI, Einherjar has to be on my top favorite things to do in Vana’diel, if not my favorite. I absolutely love it. Its no wonder that I would dedicate an entire post to it.

I currently have all Tier1 wins, one Teir2 win, two Tier3 wins. Not that it really matters anymore. I only need 1 win from each teir now as of the June update. Fun.

Einherjar is exciting. Not only because you can get nice equip. its like you have 30 minutes to beat waves and waves of mobs.

Here are Sreens of recent Einherjar runs we did. The first three are all the same run.

1st we got flames and bats I think.

Then we got some Taurus.

With 4 minutes on the clock and a few Taurs and The boss still up, Red asks, ” How the hell are we supposed to beat all these mobs in 30 minutes?”

2 minutes later Vampyr Jarl was dead. Thats how Red.

The Manticore boss in Einherjar is incredibly easy. This is an older screen obviously but I like it  cause I’m on PLD.

I actually like coming both PLD and RDM to Einherjar surprisingly. On RDM i just have to be on my toes with the sleeps.

And this is a really old screen of a Teir 1 Einherjar, showing the worms.

We go in with exactly 36 people. 18 from each LS.

Dark static and ethereal have set a date to fight Odin. July 17th. Hopefully I will be amongst the first few who get to go in. But if I’m not there is always next time. I just wanna see the bitch.

Here is a video I was watching on Youtube of Vanquish LS defeating Odin. Love it.

Oh and… I will be getting my own computer soon, (hopefully) as opposed to using Kain’s which is dirt slow.

Suggestions on the type and model are welcome. laptop or pc(or mac) or desktop.