except for the occasional shower of course!

So Tuesday night my LS decides we’re going in to fight Odin.
Huh ? What?


Thats Right!

(For those of you who dont believe me when I say, ” I can’t see it!” or “I didn’t see it!”, this is why.)



My job as RDM/NIN was to kite the Fomors that Odin spawn (out of his ass, I dk) and wait until they despawn. Surprisingly Odin only popped 1 set of Fomors when he was supposed to spawn 3 for a total of 9 fomors. I think we broke him.

All in all, the fight took a mere 15 minutes…… No lie. 15 minutes.

Our Treasure Pool.
Treasure Pool

Yes I got M. Body!!!!!! ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG!!!



(special thanks to mari for the screenshots!)

Lol and heres Prod in his new Helm…

Congrats you sexy beast! No I mean literally you look like a beast… ugh.

Heres our full Fight. Once again thanks to Mari for taking that.

COngratulations to everyone on their drops… and our new titles to boot!!