I was going through some of my screenshots I had saved and I found a few I thought were kinda funny or interesting.

First one is to Pyra~

You had one where your character was doing some weird ass move and I found one like that too..

Look at me I’m flying!!

Former LS Leader called for help on Jormangand. Not like we stood a chance anyway.

Zeni-Farming with a good friend of mine.

My Npc lvled yay!

AV wipe… My ego is shattered. My face is sooo in the wrong place.

My plants. I have recently made 4 ores in the past week and a half. I think I am getting the hang of this ore thing.

I dont know what this is honestly…

Heres me the day after Reprisal came out. Just testing it out. Love it.

“YOU SUCK OREO! GOSH”, I say as I wipe my forehead in frustration.

Aww the Good ole days! I cant say I miss them though.

Because back then I was pretty gimporz… Yes I dont miss it at all.I knew what I was lacking but I had no means of getting it… D:

Because everyone has to have a gay friend.. Mine is Oreo. Thanks Oreo.

Thats it for now.