Ok this is F*kn ridiculous.

A few weeks ago I wanted to get my hair done so I called my hair lady Carmen and went to the salon I normally go to. Carmen became my hair lady after Kim, the nail and wax lady, invited Carmen to join her Salon as the full time Hair Consultant. I had been going to Kim for 4 years, and when Carmen joined the Salon I was ecstatic to let her do my hair since my previous hair lady had moved very far away and I couldnt go to her anymore.

Well when I walked in to the salon Carmen wasn’t there but Kim was. I asked Kim where Carmen was and Kim told me that my hair lady had gone out town and wasnt going to be back for awhile. Kim had been telling me this same thing for 4 months and I had believed it because I couldnt find Carmen’s # so I just relied on Kim. That day I  since I had talked to Carmen I assumed she was in the store…

Well Apparently…. Carmen now had her own salon. She had her own  nail lady, she had her own wax lady and I didnt know about it. And Kim was keeping this a secret from me so I wouldnt go to Carmen’s Salon. FOR 4 Months.

For 4 Months I let my hair grow in a frizzy mess, had a bad blotch bleach job kain had done for me when I had a job interview one week..My hair was literally like 5 colors… And all because Kim, everytime I called, lied to me about where Carmen was….

Of course had I not lost the # in the first place I wouldnt have had to rely on Kim but please give me a break here. I’d known Kim for 4 years. She had been my nail lady and wax lady through meltdowns, relationships, up and downs… Yah this sounds a bit cheesy but seriously. She is the BEST WAX LADY EVER…

How insecure does she have to be to lie about Carmen setting up her own store? I mean its not like i’m going to go to Carmen for everything now just cause she offers it. Kim’s shop is still closer.

I will get my hair done with Carmen and wax with Kim. I wont do nails with her anymore as punishment. I’ll have to find someone else …. >_>;

Anyways, I went to the dry cleaners today, which is right next to Kim’s salon and felt so guilty as I was passing by.  I had made an appointment to get wax and nails done a couple wednesdays ago but I was so maddened by the Carmen thing I didnt show up and I didnt give her a warning. lol.

I felt like I was cheating. Anyways. Thats enough. /rant off