I’m a little overwhelmed. yay!

My redmage needs a lot of gearing up. And all high quality staffs. @_@

On a much lighter and happier note.

There is a God. I was on ps2 talking to K and she said this about Hedge finally!….

i had to take a snapshot! (Yes I took a picture with my phone.)

In other news, Matt logged in today and remade American Idol. He called AmericanIdolRewind. The old crew went up to sky and farmed Despot and I couldn’t resist the urge to go up there as well. We claimed Despot, then went to go pop an Ulli. Kinda like old times. They even gave me a pearl to their shell. I am not going back but it felt kinda good to be welcomed. If they ever need help in sky I dont mind going up there as long as I’m not doing anything else.

Anyways, Now we have a Byakko. I’m gonna make sure Feya gets his pants too. I’m gonna see this through to completion. Kinda why I wanted to go in the first place. But I know Matt is good on his word.