So today 10 minutes after I logged on Sephy asked me if I wanted to go up to sky and duo.

I told him sure, if my limbus run didnt go down, Id definetly go. 1 hour later, Limbus wasnt happening.

So I geared up my RDM/NIN the only way I know how how and warped up to sky.

Our first Target was Despot. W e figure, a Gem of the West will go for 600k, divide that by two and we each make 300k easy.

I was a little nervous of course, because the only thing I ever really kited successfully was on PLD and not RDM.  And since I had that the fast pants, that was my main job. Well turned out that as soon as we got there, DC had claimed Despot so we just waited to get ToD and headed to our next objective.

Which turned out to be Steam Cleaner. Another Kite. Yay.   Basically with the two detectors down in basement, nuke one dead, then sleep one until it spawns a caretaker. sleep the caretaker, log out, rinse and repeat. Cant be in the same pt if you’re doing this though as there is pt aggro.

On our second sleep on the detector Steam Cleaner popped. Our goal was to DOT it to death. bio+poison ftw. SC proved a little hard because i kept losing claim on it. If I got a little far away from it, it would go white but still be casting on me, which totally sucked. I had to try to not aggro the Dustbusters, while staying within casting range of SC the whole time.

Now I had never DOT/Kited anything before. I’m still a total newb when it comes to most mage stuff like magic accurancy/magic attack, but I’m glad Seph was there being supportive. It was almost impossible to nuke SC, it had a high magic resist because any nukes we landed on it did nothing.

Anyways Fast Forward 1 hour later to SC @1%.  I turn a corner of the hall. SC starts casting blaze spikes, SC goes White. SC dies. -.-


like seriously??

So we didnt get any drops. Sephy calls a GM but of course they arent going to do anything.

“we cant help you because the item wasnt in your inventory when it was lost.

Lame. But I am not going to worry about it. At least I know I did it. And it was really fun to actually do it. I want to do it all over again.

Sephy afks for an hour so I do too.

Afterwards we decide to go back up despot and try again. 3 hours later he spawns on top of me and Sephy shows me where to kite him at. Apparently he is kited around a lake, I was under the impression (because I had tried this before with another mage) on the right side of the shrine. Kiting by the lake is so much easier and safer, and theres a zone right next to it too.

My Binds dont stick as well as Sephys do, that proved a problem for both SC and Despot. Gravity was ok. I dont have an Auster’s staff yet though and I’m thinking about just getting the wind/dark/ice grips so these spells will stick better. Ice for paralyze although i dont have a problem much with paralyze.

Well I was actually proud of my nukes, they werent doing so bad. Although sephys were doing 150 more dmg then  mine, he doesnt count cause hes a taru. I was glad mine were still in the 500-600 range on Despot to boot.

Anyways, i’m 300k richer. I actually have a reason to log into the game now. See what challenges await me tomorrow.


And sorry for no pictures. Kinda hard to take snapshots mid kite. D: I will next time though.