The reason I play Final Fantasy most of all is because I have great friends.

Almost every night we hang out and have fun. We play silly games and call eachother silly names.

I trust my friends I hope that they trust me just as much. We try to do everything together even though we arent even in the same linkshell anymore and live in completey different timezones. It does get hard but lately Ive been a little sad, more so then usual.

I know nothing last forever but I want to believe it does.

A tribute to my friends…

I spot a Feya!

Azzy and Feya, my wannabe

cookie, azzy and fey

infamous jumping on Oreo’s bed pics…

The two people I care about a lot doing what we do best… Making lots of monies…

Feya is a bunny rabbit in this picture. ❤

Whatchu looking at punk?

And finally congratulations to me and cookie on finally getting our mamool ja assault goodies!

Yigit Gages + Pahluwan Pants(those fluffy purple gay looking pants on Cookies legs)

I love you guys. 🙂 And I’m kicking myself because I cant find a picture of sephy. ; ;