This evening after SATC… (some girls will know what that means…) I decided I was going to pull out my WHM out for some fun time lvling

This is what my WHM looks like. Its pretty basic atm. +18 mind onry and about 545 MP total @ lvl 46.

Yes thats an onyx earring. Total Fail I know.

Why do I want to lvl WHM all of sudden? Well honestly I always wanted to level whm, even before pld or rdm. In fact my whitemage was level 40 before I ever unlocked PLD. ._. But
WAR WHM PLD and DRK were going to be the jobs I wanted to level. I leveled WAR and PLD… and not so much DRK…(got to 37 and I wont ever touch it again) but I have neglected WHM and leveled RDM instead. lol for stupid reasons honestly. I needed rdm for sub on pld, then the option came that I needed a support job for things, namely ls related, so I debated whether I should take whm which was @ 44 at the time, or rdm which was @10 -.- to 75…
For some reason RDM won. That reason being… my blm sub was stuck @20 and I didnt wanna lvl it past that for lazy reasons. And for whm I needed /blm which I wouldnt have and for rdm all I needed was /whm for the ptying of it anyway.(Of course sch came out and then theres smn and a whole mess of things I have to figure out now)
I eventually took blm to 37 with the help of fey and ore, who leveled their subs respectively.
But then last week I scored some WHM relic and it opened up a whole new can of worms for me.
WHM suddenly seemed desirable again.

So its not the best piece in the game but it made me want to level WHM again. SO I think I am gonna do it.