So i was on craigslist today reading and looking for apts/shares and I came across one that read basically that I didnt have to pay rent…
Hmm. whats the catch? Well there is a catch.. A BIG ONE.. WTF

ired of paying rent? Still cant save lots of money for downpayment? Going to school and have to drive more than an hour? Live in a Galleria area! 10 minutes from Downtown, 5 minutes from bars and restaurants. Im offering an apartment with furniture, with plates, and all the stuff you need. We will split money on grocieries. I have extra covered parking spot for your car. You dont have to worry about rent. I will take care of it. But there is one thing. We will have sex. Wow! you didnt expect that?
Im a guy. just let you know. 🙂

So let me know what you think?

P.S. Its a real ad dont flag me!

Heres the link. see for yourself

This actually made me kinda sick. Some people just dont even care anymore. Dont even have enough humility to be ashamed of themselves.  UGH!