Recently our ls website just died so heres a link to our new one. I guess its still in beta.

Dark Static Linkshell

Also yesterday while I was away SE posted some news regarding certain NMs on Vana’diel.
Read the story here.

Now for the past 2-3 weeks I have been getting on very rarely, maybe an hour or 2 just for an event, then log off right after. Mainly because of RL things going on and work related stuff. I was also out of my house for 3 days. I just got back today actually.
Thursday before I left, our ls did Proto-Omega.
I didn’t take too many Proto-Omega pics. I went RDM/DRK. I stunned a few Colossal Blows, one stun which actually got me a lot of hate and a Colossal Blow to my face. But my Stoneskin stood up to it and I took exactly 0. yay me.

And I scored some goodies too.

Also thought it was notable to say that I got this last month. Finally 5/5 Valor. 😀

PLD claim slip
I’m tired. And I have a lot of Einherjar pictures I’ve been wanting to add.
Also if you’ve looked at other posts of my blog, some of the pictures are missing, mainly because of wordpress not recognizing the format anymore. I have no idea why, I spoke to an admin guy but he just told me to repost them. Thats like 20+ pics and I havent really had time to fix it.
Another thing, just so that everyone is on the same page with me, (lol page) some of my posts are going to contain more then one page. As is at the bottom left corner of the post, it will say Page 1,2… and just click on the 2 to go to the next page.