For the past 3 months, I have been going with a static climb and farm Nyzul Isle. Mainly farming floor 80 and 100. And for those of us that didnt have it, before the update, a runic disk to 100, we were going to farm each one for everyone.

That was before the update. After the update, we decided we might as well climb starting at floor 1 together so everything will be recorded and we can get different weapons. Excellent.

Thursday Sep 11, we farmed floor 100, hoping we’d get some Askar. Lo and Behold, Goliard Head drops and I get it. I also snagged the warrior Sturdy Axe.

Then Friday, the hurricane hits and my power is out for 2 weeks.

When I come back, I’m replaced in my static, which kinda had me disapointed. So I got my friends together and asked them to start a static with me and we’d climb together from floor 1. I’m hoping this goes well.

Last night we did 2 runs and everyone who already hadnt yet, got their disk to floor 10. We smoked the floors.

I trust them all and I’m hoping we all stick to our guns.

For those of you in my static, please refer to the Nyzul Isle Distribution Page to view your current lots.

You will need a password. /tell in game