Well things have been going good for our close static so far. Its great to have a group of friends that know eachother well enough to be able to trust and work together.

Last night, we climbed up to floor 20.

We were a little shaky cause we had 5 minutes left on the clock before we made to floor 20. We werent sure if we’d kill the boss in time.

I’m so happy that Sephy got the goliard shoes. It just goes to show that with enough effort and determination, we can do anything. Fruits of our Labors.

Here are some Glamour Shots of the lucky Taru who was drainwhore/lootwhore of the night. He scored WHM mythic weapon, RDM mythic weapon, BST mythic weapon ( >_>) and Goliard Clogs Grats Sephy-poo!

Until Next Time