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Its been a busy couple of weeks. Lots of activity with my LS and my Nyzul Static.
in the evenings, I’m usually AFK but recently theres been no time to do that.
We’ve made it to floor 80 without much trouble, although Cerb was a little tough on floor 60 because it kept spamming Ululation on the melee and I kept staying in range.

Damn that Paralyze is nasty. The good thing was it wasnt spamming Gates of Hades. Well… I can’t wait for floor 100 and all those erases then… @_@
And all we got was a shitty BST weapon… again…

Then we said F it! and went to kill a whole bunch of NMs on other floors with our next tags.

Got Marcus a DRG spear…

And Orestes a Cor Gun for his lvl 56 Corsair.

The NMs gave us drops that failed… like take a look at this lot box… FAIL!

And on FLoor 80 we got shafted bodies but we did get a Brave Blade.

LOL @my over excited ZOMGs! It was a bit much.