We’ve gone back to camping HNMs again before anything else. Mainly Aspid, Behe, and Faf but one day after a random turtle, we got an anonymous tip early in the morning that Sandworm was up raping people. So we went to go smash it. He was in Sauromagne Champaign or however its spelled and just running over people during campaigns. I remember back when it first came out, a few of us in my old LS tried to kill it, we got 12 people together and went with with all DDs not knowing what to expect. We died of course but not like it mattered. Sandworm wasnt for anything back then anyways.

Anyways, he’s up in Sauromagne and we get claim and Odi kites it for a bit until we got more peeps out, which didnt take very long. Everyone wanted to do it since we had never done it since the Doomvoid was added. Basically after you get it to a certain percentage, everyone has to move into range so that Sandworm can use Doomvoid and everyone gets swallowed.

We ended up Ghoyu’s Reverie and we were faced with Lambton worm. Once the tanks established hate, (yes I wasnt tanking ):  ) we got it down to about 70%ish.

Lambton Worm is basically a HQ version of Sandworm with some new abilities. He has this shield type thing that he does very very often that any dmg delt to him turns into HP for him, so its very important that people disengage quickly…

Ahhh SE. The games User Interface is so friendly.. The “Disengage” button is conveniently right next to the “Call for Help” button.

As you can imagine, one of the DDs tried to quickly disengage and ended up calling for help instead.

We recovered quickly, some us died others logged out but Lambton Worm also recovered quickly. He regened back up to 96%ish.

We had to heal up, raise the dead and start all over.

Well, we ended up getting kicked out without winning… but we did get it down to 20% before doing so. kinda disapointing but oh well. Whatchu gonna do, right?

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