It seems the only thing I’ve been doing lately is Nyzul or lvling Kat’s CC or THF.

Recently we’ve been spamming Floor 80s because whiney Oreo is obsessed about the world hating him.

Doing Floor 80s has filled us with Denali Jackets. Anyone that can wear one, has one and frankly I’m tired of them.


But the god news is…!


Finally you got your body piece. Congrats Cookie.

And I got my Askar head. Thats very exciting.

We also got a free floor. I never got one before so it was interesting…

the lamp just lights up and you’re ready to move on. Or you can collect whats in the treasure chests scattered all over the floor.


We also had a close call on one of our floor 100s.

I’m proud to say we smoked it though and got Kain his Denali Bonnet.

And Marcus his Brave Blade.


And the best part is we’re gaining so much experience and we work together so well, i’m sure it will be snappy and easy when we start doing Salvage together.

I’m proud of our little static. And the best part. Only 28 more pieces of gear to get. GO GO GO!