I havent posted in awhile. Of this, yes, I am aware.

Nothing is really happening worth posting honestly. Well sure there is things happening all around but….

With me all is the same.

I did a few ZNMs Friday.

Cheesehoarder was pretty fun. I testing out some of my new nuking setups.

I think I did very well.


We also did Iriz Ima and Armed Gears and I finally have my Aurum Sabatons!!!!!

My Warrior is not that gimp anymore. lol. Still need Peacock Charm and maybe Hauby+1.

I’m just cheap and dont feel like buying them. :/ Especially since I dont use warrior too much.

Besides, shhh Dont tell anyone but I dont have any Cat 2merits on warrior >_>;;

Total Fail….Anywho

I’ve been leveling scholar recently tryin to get to 37 for my White Mage’s sub and on the crafting and gardening front nothing has really changed.

Christmas and New Years came and went. I did get a lot of gifts this year. Thanks to those who did get me something. It was much appreciated.

SE unleashed some massive bannings a few days ago but of this everyone has been made aware unless you have been living  under a rock for the past 3 days.

We’ve camped kings, done limbuses, dynamises and a couple Odins.

I really love where I am now.

Sometimes I log onto a friend’s character to take him to Dynamis and I’m utterly shocked when I see how unorganized their LS is. It drives me nuts! No one seems to be on the same page. Especially the leaders. I so want them to succeed sometimes even try to give them advice but I dont think they even want me to help them.

Why do people think that just because one is happy where they are or has nice things, one thinks that they are better then everyone else…? Whats the word…? Elitist? Why do they think we become elitist when we have nice things? Why cant people just be happy for the other person without feelings of jealousy or betrayal?

I’ve been asked on countless occasions about why I haven’t decided to rejoin AI. By now, everyone knows for sure that I’m not returning. But what would be the pros and cons of going back…?

Pros would include rejoining many friends I have made over the years, especially the really good ones. Helping a struggling ls back up to their feet. I might have a chance to lead again(which I enjoy for some odd reason).

Leading= Let me explain. I love to organize things. I love to put things together. Its not about telling people what to do or thinking that I know more then certain people. Its about being nice to people and helping them understand something.

Cons would  include possibly not being welcomed back by several individuals, especially the idividual(s) who didn’t want me to be there when I finally did leave.  People thinking I think that I’m better then them because I’ve certain digital gear. (seriously?) People thinking I know more then them. Leaving behind some of the best friends I have made in game in my ls.  Losing out on a lot of gear, experiences, events, fun. Being forever frustrated. Annoyed. Afterall, its just a game… right…?

Even though I love where I am, that doesnt mean I dont get frustrated by things sometimes. Somedays are worse then others. There is really no one in the ls that makes me angry. Of this I happy. I am pretty much on good terms with everyone. Somedays I log onto the game and I really don’t feel like doing anything at all. There are certain individuals who make my gametime more enjoyable and funny. I HEART THEM. BUTTTENTS.

I can pretty much count my good friends in-game on my hand. Some in my ls,

a few others not. But I HEART THEM ALL.

Thanks to all of you who make even the hardest days bearable. 🙂