This post is not about Redcell.

Thursday, I think it was Thursday, ….No it was Friday. Maybe it was Wednesday. Whatever.

One of those days, I was on the computer just being me and then I got a text that Sandworm is up.GOGO!

So yah, I wanna fight this bitch right, cause the last encounter that I had with it was ruined when we actually got Doomvoided. The whole CFH incident! How depressing… WHAT A DRAG, DUDE!

So my ls claims it and pulls it waaaaaay away from where it was originally. We hold it for awhile, then when we’re ready to go, we start to kill it.


After what seemed like ages, he finally uses Doomvoid and we all get sucked in. YAY!

We’re in Ghoyur’s Reverie (i’m not even gonna try to correct that crap)

and its Guivre, silly ass retarded dragon. Every 10% off Guivre’s HP it runs away and hides on a bridge just looking around.


This is Guivre at 2%!!!! hiding his ass off on the bridge across from us. lol@shout

Odi and Nak went to go shield bash it a few times and these were the drops!


The irony of this all? The tathlum went to the guy who CFH our first sandworm/lambtom worm attempt!!!


lol anyways, Things are a little overloaded the past couple of weeks. Kinda sad too.

Friend of mine is gonna be leaving the game for awhile. A long while. And I just keep thinking of Azzy when he left the game, because when he came back it was never the same. Although the intentions were there, it hasnt been the same and I dont like losing good friends. Az, if you’re reading this, we need to hang out more because its sad we never do.

But my other friend who is leaving, I just feel like its gonna be a repeat. Part 2! and I will lose another reason for playing the game. I’m hanging by threads here.

I’m glad for those friends I still do have. Gonna have to squeeze the heck out of yall for awhile. A lot more then I do normally anyway.

And one more thing…

Sunday I think it was..

To you:

You know who you are. I dont know if you read this but it could be possible that you do. It doesnt matter. First of all, you try talking to me by saying we HAVE to be friends. You dont say hey I’m sorry about all that crap I said and did. No you say, I shouldnt have done this. Would it have killed you to say the words, “I’m Sorry!”

It will be impossible to be friends again. impossible. And you know that. I cant even fathom why you would anyway. You were so sure that I was gonna be nothing and go nowhere and now you want to talk to me. You say I dont understand things. The only thing I dont understand is where you get your information and why do you think you’re better then everyone or know more. Why? How can you tell a ghorn bard he doesnt know how to play bard? Really? And yah hes been playing this game longer then you.  I know gear doesnt make a player but he’s made of win so he’s automatically perfect. Please stop sending me things.

Sorry I just hate it when people get pissy with people I care about.