I’ve been MIA off the game for a couple of weeks. Mainly due to working a temp job in an office and just because I cant manage my time enough where I can work and play and still have an outside real life. So I just decided to take a full on break until I know I am able to return for sure.
A lot of things are going on for me in real life, some of them good, most of them bad but whatever right. Just gotta make the best of things. Things are about to get real personal so if you’re not into RL things, just dont go any further. Reader beware, you’re in for a scare!!! (Goosebumps!!! lol)

Thanksgiving with our pets! Between all my brothers and sisters, we have  7 dogs. Wow. They are just as part of the family as we are.

My brother, his wife and my sister Claudia, whom everyone says I look like.


In December I went to see the nutcracker.
Scary joker smile picture ensues.

Recently I got a new hair do. Red on top, blonde underneath. Strawberry Banana. Yah whatever.

It washed out in like a week. Booo … 😦


I also got a new kitty. Simon. He likes to sleep with Suzy, my doggy.


In late February, I went on a cruise. We had decided on a Royal Carribean cruise, but somehow we ended up on a Carnival cruise, which I guess wasnt so bad.

Here I am on the “Ecstasy”!  We were still in Galveston and it was yucky and gloomy and cold. 😦


My hair is not as red as it was before. And I can actually see in this picture! First day and I already got sea hair. Yuck!


Me and my mommy!


Terrible morning! Don’t I look tired. ><


This picture is kinda blurry but this is all the cakes that were served on the Mexican Buffet night.

I didnt get to try them all but they looked great.


Captain Nights. Free DRINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom, me and Louis.


This is a picture of an elephant and a cute little towel animal!! I love those cute little things.


“Wasting away in Margaritaville…”

And I thought it was just a song… The place actually exists…lol


Mom and two of my brothers. AND A PALM TREE. YAY

We’re from Houston… OK we’re allowed to be FAT. PHAT!!!


Two Carnival ships. Ours is the smaller one. 😦  lol I wish I were on the bigger one.


The private beach where we were at. I was kinda disapointed because there were a lot of rocks and not a lot of sand.

My toes hurt and I chipped my manicure. We got to jet ski for awhile though, which of course I dont have pictures of. lol


My hair. blonde and red.


Scary Mischa


Can you spot the Naked women in the picture? (clue: Its not me. Duh!)


I suck terribly at Putt Putt. Fail sauce… Looks like I’m about to fall in the hole there.


Well…Its been a couple days since I’ve been back from the cruise… Nothing else really going on. Back to work on Monday.

Its been about 4 weeks since Petes been gone. /sad panda

I think I will be back on the game soon, eventhough I have been on just for Nyzul. I hate disapointing people and I hate not being around for Oreo right when he just joined my ls after days and days of them asking him to join…

I hope he likes where he is now and realizes how easy things can be with just a little order…

I want to go back to what someone mentioned in their blog about something I said.

FYI. I think you are a great leader. I think you are a great person. I have never thought anything bad about you and on the contrary I have always respected you. Just so you know, yes the post was about your ls but I think you guys are doing ok. You just have to push a little harder and let help in where it is needed. Everyone has to think for themselves but work as a team. Things can be a lot smoother if certain things were changed. I will always respect you and I wasnt tryin to be ugly about you and your ls. And I will always show my tits to Jesus… just for you.