Been real busy in RL lately. Tryin to get a new car and a permanent job. Dont wanna be just a temp anymore.
But I’ve been getting back into Final Fantasy XI slowly again. I miss everyone loads and I like to just take it easy.
As before I might have been a little aprehensive to try new things, now I welcome a challenge

Thanks to Orestes for providing me with the following two screens.

As you can tell, we all love him very much… This screen is from Nyzul.
First Red attacks him, then Feya attacks him lol, Sephy dias him…
and I of course Blizzard his ass…. and with one last ws, the sam goes down FAST AS HELL.
Good times…

Huge congrats to me and Oreo for completing all the Windurst Missions back in December.
or January (whatever)