Since I really liked this intro cutscene I thought I would post some screenshots of how I interpreted it…
Its a really neat cutscene, except it doesnt explain much and its really long… Looks like the producers of LOST got in bed with the Square Enix programers…

The cutscene starts off as soon as you zone into Lower Jeuno.

All of sudden, theres this big ass light in the sky…. Its the crystal… remember the nameless crystal from the very very first FFXI cutscene? Well here it is again…

It appears bright as day in the middle of the sky for all to see.
And it doesnt take long before people notice it.


“Look! Its a bird.. No.. Its a plane…! No… its.. uh.. uh What the fuck is that?”

Even I take a moment out of my busy day to take a look at this oddity.


(Either me or the Galka is looking the wrong way…)

Across the lands, the bright light in the sky worries the leaders of the 3 major nations:

San d’Oria

The Elvaans do not lose their cool as they stare unsure into the sky.


(BTW that guy in the middle needs to update his armor… Its level 50 man)



Ayame and Naji are not amused.



Windurst seems to take the hardest hit of all…


For some reason the Star Sibyl herself freaks out so bad, she has an aneurysm and collapses to the floor.


And just like that… BOOM, the crystal in the sky explodes(implodes-whatever)


And all these tiny little crystal babies fall from the sky…


And people stand around with their arms open hoping(?) to catch them…




We’re introduced to the latest new missions in the Square Enix vault.

Enter Creepy Mysterious Strange Boy~


^ who can teleport and stop time !


Stopped these 2 children right in their tracks !

But his stop time trick did not work on me and if there is a concrete reason why,
he’s not sharing. The only information this little booger tells me, is that I have been
chosen… AGAIN. and that I most likely will find out why if I choose to do what he says…


He introduces himself to me as Aldo…


And tells me that he will await me in Qufim.


Then he walks off and disappears into thin air… And everything goes back to normal.

So there you have it.
The 1st cutscene of A Crystalline Prophecy. Couple of Days late but here nonetheless.


PS: later I will talk about my fooling around with Composure on RDM and Esuna/Sacrifice/Afflatus:Misery and Solace/Cura and Auspice for WHM.