Recently, like yesterday, a few people from my server got their gear augmented “to the max”…

They completed all , what is it, 10? missions to get the final 3 body pieces as rewards..
The Paladin body piece… I like it.
Here are some screenshots of the gear… I have the magey type one, the pld one, and the rng one…with augments

You can judge for yourself.




Other than those augments up top, the other augments that I have seen have been pretty lame…

like random negative stats. Kain got his sandorian gloves augmented. It gave him +1 INT and -1 CHR.. and I think the lamest augment has to be a Nomad’s Mantle with +1 WIND ….. >_________________>

Seiryu go!

Anyways, these are the only people I have seen so far that have completed the Crystalline Prophecy. I’m sure there are plenty more…

Let me know if you guys have found any interesting stats on your augmented gear !