vs. Widescreen


Anyways, we’re about done with Nyzul. We got Kain’s final head piece.

We just need some hands and possibly some legs, if anyone is still interested.

We’re probably going to do some Salvage now. Thats very exciting.

I like the widescreen photos but I hate the way linkpearl and name fonts are stretched out.

It doesnt do that when I do it normal screen. Maybe its the way I set it up in REGEDIT.

OK I lied. I had HALP.I still prefer the smaller screen though then the full widescreen 24″.

When you have to turn your head back and forth to play FFXI, its a pain.


Pete is almost back.


PS: Don’t quit the game forever cause I’ll miss you. And I’ll be sad. And you’ll be sad.
Best Friends

And thank you Karinara. 🙂