Well I can start with Final Fantasy 14… and just go on to say… that well… I don’t play it much. I had such high hopes for 14 too. I started to play, remade my character like 3 times, on three different servers until I finally found one where I could hang out with people I knew. Well that didn’t go as planned. Drama… Things I’d rather not discuss on a wordpress blog anyway… I’ve never been one to shy away from speaking my mind but these things don’t necessarily concern me.

However I did manage to level my Botanist and Maurader in the game. Botanist seems to be my favorite, except that it is not self dependent meaning I have to level another job so that I don’t die when I am logging in a higher level zone. I cant focus on just one thing. I had also started on Carpenter to use up all the logs I was getting from logging…. But that’s about as far as I got.

Anyway, with the release of Abyssea in Final Fantasy XI, I got curious about all the hype. I wanted to check it out for myself.  But first there were a couple of things I had to take care of….

When I started playing FFXI again, I realized that all my closest friends had quit for good and no amount of begging would make them renew their liking of the game: There was just more satisfying things to do in RL than in this virtual fantasy world.

I started the game by making amends with someone whom I never thought I would speak to again. After what 5 years (?) of having not speaking (in a really friendly manner) to eachother, I had forgotten why… Perhaps it was because when I first started playing the game, I was but a naïve little girl and he was already well into life and the bitterness that comes with it… I didn’t develop a personality and “feathers on a duck’s back” until recently. 


NOTE: I apologize in advance for the low quality pictures and the many different sizes that they are in. I am using a new wordpress plug-in and it likes to shrink my photos. I also have been playing with my graphics in game so the resolutions are different in some pics.


I also got back into the game well into Scars of Abyssea and everyone was already level 85 which meant I had a lot of catching up to do. I had to start leveling my subs. Below a picture from NIN in Yuhtunga Jungle. I was so glad when I got it to 49. Smile



I couldn’t come back to FFXI without mpking DS in Xarcabard. It’s what I do best. Open-mouthed smile lol even as much as I try, I always manage to MPK them at least once…. And its not even as bad as it used to be graphics wise I mean… I used to play on PS2 and MY GAWD, I couldn’t see anything in that zone, it was all a gray mass and just blurs…


I also started working on my PLD sword trials finally. I am doing it mostly solo and like everything in 11, it is taking forever and a million years to complete. Maybe if that was all I did, I could get it done but I get bored and distracted easily. (Look a blue car!)


I went out a couple of times to the Valley of Sorrows to check on Aspid alone. I feel like everyone is taunting me with their stupid dalmaticas, flaunting them in my face. I had never wanted one this bad before… It’s ridiculous to be honest. I feel like everyone has one and no one wants to camp Aspid anymore anyway because there are newer and badder things to do.. And that may be true (new fresh body appeared) but that only makes me want things from back in the day a lot more. Like I missed some sort of train or something. “Oh that was sooo yesterday but omigod, you don’t have it??!” I go check on this bitch but all I see are ugly faces staring at me.,,,


Another recent addition to Final Fantasy ( I don’t know how recent) is Walk of Echoes. Very fun BCNM type fight where you enter numbered fights against different types of mobs and defeat them up to 36 members.  We’ve been doing the slimes one and on one occasion I got lucky and got 10 coins of Glory, which means… I only need 20 more to get a Great Axe for my warrior. Open-mouthed smile


I also didn’t know what this was (below) until it killed me after I was mpked (THANKS RED)


Raising mai level cap !!! Moogle performing some sort of ritual on me.


I have been getting bits and pieces of information from NPCs scattered across Vana’diel about the Cavernous Maws that popped up that transport you into Abyssea. I am not completely sure of the entire story line, however I know that there are different zone bosses that must be eliminated if you want to receive special Atmas and rewards and an advancement in the story line. Currently, there are  6 zone bosses (I believe), 1 of which I have defeated with DS.


My LS has been spending a lot of time farming Atmas and key items to pop T2 and T3 NMs in Abyssea.. We have been getting a lot of seals and AFv3 for everyone that is participating in helping out. Here we are killing Eccentric Eve. I always knew Odi was an ugly marlboro… Smile with tongue out





Below are random screenshots of various NMs we have been fighting in a lot of the abyssea zones. There are so many NMs we fought, some I just forget to take pictures of. From the easiest NMs to the hardest NMs like Tunga… GAWD I hated that little chigoe…






AND FINALLY, I hit 85… my first job to 85. Smile Just keep that on the Down Lo.


I’m glad I have found more time to play but am saddened for the reasons behind that newly found time. There is a piece of me that doesn’t ever wanna go back to that place again, but another part of me that is happy to hang out with people who like to spend their time doing the things I like to do… Play FFXI.

Anyways TOOTLES Smile