I downloaded the version update today during maintenance. took me about 3 hours to get it all set. When I logged in, there was still under 100 people in the entire Diabolos server. I couldn’t stand the UI/status icons that got rebooted back to their originals so of course I had to go in and change the dats. Word of advice… for those that may be dumb and NOBs (lol) like me, dont replace dats with old versions’ dats, IE Brandson or Emiko’s… They people who took over the USER INTERFACE are at the windower website. Here is a link.

If there is no update yet before you log into the FFXI after maintenance and you gets antsy and decide to change the dats yourself and screw em up, just go into POL main menu and do a quick Check Files and Repair the files that are broken. For some reason, when I did that however, it was showing that 6 files of mine were damaged, which makes no sense as I only changed 2 dats… so… Im kinda confused about that. But before I did the check files on my POL, I had a little fun and wanted to see what the game looked with a JP interface…


GAWD without DAT mods, my eyes bleed. everything is so ugly. The font. I mean does my name HAVE to be italicized?

Anyways don’t the make the same mistake I did. Just get your DATs and status icons from Darkshade and Windower at the link above. He seems to be doing a pretty good job about updating and keeping everyone happy.