I think once it starts, I will create a new blog and focus my attention to that. I have not decided yet but with school, work and daily household chores, I am not sure I will be able to do it all. lol and add time suck Final Fantasy to the equation and I will never see my friends again.
I havent dont all that I wanna do in FFXI yet, which includes all the new level caps and Abysea and all that jazz…I am debating going back for real though although some of my old friends still play, not cookie or fey but my old LS. I’d like to hang out with them again, do events. But time goes by so fast when you play FFXI. everything else in RL gets lost.

I dont know if I wanna be there again. Either way, with school starting again and me on the verge of possibly quitting my full time job (or getting fired), I MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT have time to play again but I wont be “ELITE”.

To those who are, I will be that person you hate having in your party because they talk about real life events, and are extremely nice and doesn’t really know what they are doing. You know that person, who just gets on when they have time and doesnt really know that there are battle strategies and plans and all these other things going on in the background. That person just trying to have a good time but being weighed down by other people’s negativity but doesn’t care one way or another. Lol that person who always gets booted from parties cause they wear the silliest things for their character because they think its awesome but really dont know that it doesn’t mean a darn thing.

I dont know. I am just rambling. It has been 1 year since I really played FFXI. I mean really played. Doing events and such. So much changed last year. SO MUCH. some for the good, some for the bad… some I just dont know yet. And I am still waiting to know. But they probably aren’t. And I understand.

I miss old friends. I made new ones.
Who knows where I will be 1 year from now.

I guess we will see…



ABC confirms images at end of LOST Finale are not part of story

“The images shown during the end credits of the Lost finale, which included shots of Oceanic 815 on a deserted beach, were not part of the final story but were a visual aid to allow the viewer to decompress before heading into the news,” an ABC spokesperson told the Times.

Read the full article here!


The LOST Series Finale Event “The End”

Yesterday, like many other Losties, I excitedly awaited the Lost Series Finale Event. I had waited for that moment for years. Like many other diehard fans, I knew that the show was “Destined” to come to an end at some point and that when it did, it would be epic.

I knew that the producers, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse aka “Darlton” had come a long way in the character’s storytelling. I knew that they would not be able to answer all the questions that were raised in seasons 1-5 and even newer questions that were raised in season 6, (specifically “Across the Sea”).

I questioned everything and wondered how would they bring it all to a complete end and if I would I ever get closure.

Last night I learned that I finally would.
My Initial Reaction to Season 6~NEXT PAGE

My Initial Reaction to Season 6
Across the Sea
Why Desmond is Special
Win Some, Lose Some
The Beginning of the End
This is the End my Friend
My Take On Everything

Christian Shepherd


What they Died For…

I just finished rewatching that bloody episode of “The Candidate”. After balling my eyes out again, I am totally psyched for this week’s episode, What they Died For… especially after last week’s trainwreck(?). Is that fair to say? Trainwreck? Only one episode left before the Series Finale event.

I will be celebrating this event along with many other of my fellow Losties and fans of LOST all weekend long…

Thursday with Times talks Lost
Saturday at Little Woodrows
Sunday at Alamo Drafthouse ALL DAY EVENT

Monday theres another event at a bar. Here’s a listing of all the events coming to Houston.

It starts!!!


He should have gone to Bryant Park.

He should have won

Jay should have gone to Bryant Park

One of my fave designers. Jay Nicolas Sario.

Mila’s clothes are tasteless and fashion backward… Michael Kors said so himself.

I am now rooting for Seth Aaron.


I Live… Sort of…

So I haven’t played Final Fantasy XI in about 6 months. Pretty much since my real life fell apart… (But now its back together again so don’t even worry about that).

But I am still alive… Out of the ashes… YADI YADI YADI

I am hoping to update this more. 🙂

Bring you real news.

~Misc… Michelle

Wings of the Goddess- Spoiler Cutscenes

I’m the first to admit that I’m way behind on all the missions… Oreo, Red and I have just completed the WoTG story so far and let me tell you… the cutscenes have been pretty amazing!

I really do like them…The story line is pretty cool and I’m meeting a lot of new characters…

I won’t really spoil anything cause that would probably blow for those who haven’t caught  up… (who am I kidding?? I’m the only one who hasnt caught up!)

Here are some Spoiler Screenshots that I’ve taken on my journeys;

Male Mithra- Thats pretty exciting.. Going to do the Windy Story Arc just so I can learn more about him.


These purple redmage dudes with black faces… No idea whats up with them and why they are killing all the Caitsiths.


The Caitsiths are adorable.


Random Jueno Guard who might play a bigger part in the future?


And of course theres Lilsette… She’s quirky and at first she has no idea whether the Caitsiths are good guys or bad guys.


But to be honest… I have no idea whether or not shes a good guy or a bad guy. I mean take a look at the picture below. The purple redmage dudes with the black faces report to this chick.


Who I think looks a lot like Ms Lilsette herself! I mean don’t take my word for it.


What if past Lilsette knows that she turns evil in the future so somehow she is trying to change time?

I’m a nerd.

Beside being wrapped up in cutscene after cutscene, I’ve also tried catching up on spells I neglected getting when they came out.


And camping random HNMs in the middle of the night with my LS.


And my ls still cracks me up